Saturday, June 25, 2005

a new beginning..

And so it began...
When I finally got my passport with visa back I felt like my whole world was about to vanish I knew I had finally made it to my dream but I also knew I was about to lose almost everything I valued in life other than my work. I cried for it was tough to leave behind a family a home and move on...but...
The journey was long and tiring the 5 hours in Vienna seemed endless but my new resolve helped me discover a new world I met a few people and quite unlike my usual self I went up to them and initiated conversation. The introvert life was now over I knew that from now on I had to carve out a niche for my self and living in my own little world would not do. When I stepped out of the airport at new York, one half of me wanted to run back in buy a return ticket and forget about the future the other half of me was full of energy and enthusiasm all set to begin a new life a new journey....I don’t know if the latter half won the battle in my mind but the first one did not.
The very next day I reached the residence halls at Brooklyn carrying my little back pack my suitcase and my dreams. Having romal was a blessing she guided me through the day but at the same time also allowed me to go discover things for myself. It was a pleasure to meet the residents and the chiefs who were so helpful. As I attended NALS I felt so wonderful yes its true I was meant to be here to be a part of all this and I had finally reached .... intubating the dummy was so much joy I felt a great sense of achievement and thus took my first step towards becoming a peds resident................................. but I do miss home...I always will...


Blogger Shèlliè said...

Hi Divya,

Good luck with your journey. Youve made it so far! I am sure your family will be with you all the steps of the way right behind you:) Work hard and keep in touch girl:)

12:45 PM  
Blogger Sweetu said...

bon voyage!

yeah so true... there is no place like home, sweet home :)

6:25 PM  
Blogger L said...

Good luck for your days ahead...and yes homesickness sometimes is irritating... Getting involved in the crowd of things around you is the best solution...!!!

8:03 PM  

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