Sunday, October 20, 2013

new home

Moving in to our very own home was an experience i had never imagined. The first day that we moved boxes in, I felt a sense of joy. This was our little dream land, though i had been inside the house a number of times this was one of the first times i felt simply happy. The boxes needed to be unwrapped, the appliances needed to be changed and the old apartment still needed to be cleared out. Despite all those things I felt calm and serene. 
Both sets of parents were at the house warming and mamaji's presence eon Skype made the moment a memory I would live for years to come. I didn't realize till much later that I had forgotten all about a camera and pictures and was really just living this moment in its completeness. The next week was one adventure after another. The dryer seemed to have a lint collection that hadn't been cleared in forever, we spent hours figuring out and pulling out the dust and yet I just smiled at it all. All those little things that at any other moment in my life would have seemed monotonous and painful were now beautiful. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Confused About The World

Changes occurring all around us, whether it is my immediate neighborhood or the whole wide world. Life is changing every moment and as always I wonder if the change is heading in the right direction. Do I even need to know or should I just trust my instincts.
Every day I am thankful for the world I have been gifted with but I also wonder what is it I can do to make it a better place. A smile, a helping hand , a word of gratitude; all little things that can make a difference and yet so many times we hesitate.The human spirit the humane spirit desires to take flight to reach beyond limitations and cherish the world. The joy of giving, the joy of forgiving, the joy of even moving on from grudges.
I was at the airport and the agent checking my license asked me if I was heading back home, I hesitated I wondered about that word "HOME". It was such a beautiful word, so much more than that address on my driving license. 

Friday, September 06, 2013

I think its time to return to this world that I step away from time and again. Writing this blog is one of those things that I come back to whenever I need to share a joy or a burden. And every time I come back I promise to stay....
Life never runs out of surprises and there is always more we can do to make a little difference. The lessons we learn help us grow and give back to this world.

I promise to write more often...even though i Know no one is reading :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just a few days back as I sat in the car to drive home from work, I heard about the Newtown shooting. Little kids shot and killed, it took us a few days but we put the pain away and moved on. And then it happened again ...the boston marathon explosions...but to be honest these things really do seem to happen every day in countries like Syria. As human beings we have developed our defense we draw ourselves away and detach. But every once in a while the thought that it this is not a natural disaster, this isn't a tsunami or an earthquake. This is human is people amongst us and then every once in a while we look around and wonder about how all this could have happened. I wonder if there is something we can change about the way we live our lives ...Do we need to reassess our attitudes? Do we need to rethink our ways of life?
For one moment let us all pause not only to appreciate what we have but to remind people in our life that they matter, they are special and remind our children the value of life. Let us not talk to them about the bitterness in this world but about what they can do to make this world a better place.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

lessons from life!

People and events change us from moment to moment. We evolve and learn from our mistakes and our existence. As humans we have the choice of remaining trapped in the past or learning and moving on.
As a kid I had read " To err is to human, to forgive divine", as a young adult I am learning that there is more to it. Forgiveness is the only way to move on....Give yourself a break! Forgive and Forget!
The kid in me throws a tantrum and wishes for the world to move at my very own whim, the adult knows life will move on. Everyday relations change, people change, realities change and we are left wondering. Life has given me more than i dreamed of but it has also given me an ability to realize the reality will have its own plans. 
I look back on time, i look back on what i have left behind and what I have brought along. From where i stand I feel this yearning for people and moments that are now my past but I treasure the present and know nothing means more to me. Friends and family have been my world and I may evolve and grow but they will continue to be my strength and my biggest treasure. I will continue to be that little girl that wished to touch lives and quoting that unknown writer pray "God make me worthy of my friends."

Thursday, October 07, 2010

just like tht

i am writing after ages today...just felt like putting my thoughts down..i guess i come back to my blog whenever i feel low..just had a root canal this mroning hurts ! and i so wish mummy was here just to force me to eat something before i fell asleep..just to let me feel comfortable even with all this head tooth hurts and i miss my Mother!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

dare to fly Continental??

i am a person who dreams of going places but dreads the thought of travelling, lately my life has left me flying at a frequency that even i think is unreal. I always thought that the reason i dreaded flights and airports was because people were always parting at airports and as my Guy keeps telling me- why do i forget that people also meet at these terminals. Well for some odd reason the going away always seemed to last longer in my thoughts. As i learnt to travel better i was beginning to get over my fear but i bumped into some flight nightmares that i was left wondering if airlines care about anything other than money.
After struggling for hours and spending what seemed like a lot, me and my Fiancee' bought tickets to New Orleans so he could be with me during a conference where i was presenting. He even agreed to go through the pain of taking a red eye flight so we would be on a 10.30 flight from Houston together to New orleans. But the Murphy's law always holds true for flights and his flight was delayed for 6 hours- no explanations given. when i landed from New york I realized he would miss the connecting flight and requested the airlines to put him on another flight and they did nothing except say all flights are overbooked till sunday and he can only put on stand by, I realized they had 40/50 people on stand by on every flight because his was not the only flight that had been delayed.
i saw frustrated travelers at every corner and agents that were only saying we can't help it..some people even asked to fly back to their original destination because they had been delayed for so long on sat flights and were going back on sunday.i asked them to give my confirmed seat to someone on standby and was offered no compensation even though they had offered me compensation in New York to volunteer. We rented a car and drove 6 hours just so he would not spend an entire day in Houston and i would make it in time for a sunday morning 8 am presentation, other than the price of renting we had to pay a 150 Dollar surcharge for returning the car in another city. We were upset but decided to deal with it. But well Continental had a bigger surprise for us, when he got to the airport monday morning his return flight tickets had been cancelled because he didn't take the last flight. They said since this was a part of the contract we had agreed on while buying tickets they could not help us. After a long debate they did eventually put him back on the flight because luckily there were seats available..but i was left spellbound.
after all that we had to deal with? is it possible for a business to sell a consumer 2 products and if i don't use one cancel the other..we had already paid for this flight ..was it not their responsibility to even inform us before they cancelled?? I agree that their are terms and conditions that we sign when we purchase but ... !!
tell me about your flight traumas.. is it just me or do you also have a story to tell??