Monday, August 27, 2007

a special bond

Remember the times when we used to walk back together from school, or the times when we fought like our life depended on it or the times when we shared has changed faster than i thought it would but thoughts of you still bring back those memories ...even though we just spend 3-4 days in a year together now ...can't believe it how you had insisted on drivng me to college or how depressed i got when u went for a 3 day school trip..was that a long time back? can't tell anymore-all i know is i miss you and that the bond i share with you my brother will always be special for who knows me better than you do ..HAPPY RAKHI..I wish i could tie it this year!! but i will very soon..


Blogger Keshi said...

Happy Rakhi to ya girl!


10:02 PM  

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