Wednesday, October 29, 2008

quiet moments

i was driving down saw mill when the thought hit me ..wht am i looking for? and i didn't have an answer for just that one moment life was empty and yet so complete..
i can't wait to see my parents ... a big hug.. a little bit of attention.. somebody who worries ... just the little small things that add up to make us a family...
after all these years of living away me and my brother have eveolved into different people and yet when we are together we understand each other perfectly..
and it was amazing when he said..i hate apples..just can't eat anything that has tht flavour...i smiled cos i felt the same way!! 


Blogger Ekta said...

what a wonderful thot! and i completely agree with the 'little things that make up a family" bit....miss my folks too!
and hey I am not too fond of apples too!

9:45 PM  

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