Wednesday, October 08, 2008

as i walked through Bryant park...memories and thoughts filled my had been almost 4 years since i had first walked the streets and in these years life had changed..
friends had come by and walked out..i looked around so many people, different cultures, different backgrounds, none of them had a clue who i was and yet i shared this one last moment of sunny afternoon in Bryant park before we walked to a cold winter with them..
i knew that there was a starbucks at that corner and the D train had a subway stop there..i knew i was just a few blocks from grand central and i knew where the closest barnes n noble was had taught me the stranger with no sense of direction to trust my instincts and be prepared for a new tomorrow..
i survived with a smile ...and as i walked back to priya the smile on her face brought back warmth and i knew the journey may be hard but it had given me so much to treasure..
i am not scared, i am happy and despite all the questions i was ready for tomorrow...
oh btw i did a little ashtami tradition today i made halwa and did puja and at for dinner we had i guess u can take the little girl away from her small town but you can't take her small town out of her...always the girl who wanted to climb the guava tree...


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