Thursday, September 08, 2005

after a long time..

.. after a long time a desire to write took over me i just wanted to put down my thoughts in words much has gone past so much has changed and i haven't even had the opportunity to assess it..
everyday on the train when i get time to look around and also talk to myself,i feel amazed when did all this happen my world changed..i start a journey every day to discover my neverland and its not difficult cos i know just what it looks like...
amazing the world we can i step out every day or should i say every night cos i am working nights these days a sudden sense envelopes me..where is my journey heading am i going the right way?? and then somewhere along the way a stranger smiles at me and suddenly the doubts i become a part of the sign out and hear bout my patients i feel like this is where i belong,as i take part in patient assessments and discussions i know i am on the right journey...
when the regular nursey calls me down for some issues and i go down with my senior or alone to assess babies i feel "yes" "God has a plan for me and i have faith in his plan"
i will however continue the search for neverland which is at the other end of the rainbow which i will visit march...i can't keep myself from missing home..but like i say i miss it with a smile not a tear..


Blogger Delhi_tamilan said...

Yes as you say, I too miss my home. Till now I thought, only I am far away from my home, but I feel bit lucky compared to you. Anyway, I have a feeling that you are a gifted human being

4:35 AM  

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