Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As I walked home tired and defeated why did I feel so lost and defeated I had no clue. There are days when one wakes up to the realization that you are an immigrant when a stranger yells at you and you are left with an eery feeling, the realization that this is not your own world dawns and an emptiness fills your world. This was undoubtedly one of those days. How a driving lesson instructor made me feel humiliated and hurt, little does he know how I am struggling to carve a niche for myself.
2 months later-
life has changed going home and having my parents around filled color in the emptiness, even the chill in the weather filled my heart with joy –but why is there an aura of fear why is there a silence that I wish to surrender to. Life takes us through it all but as they say in the end all is well!! So I guess its to early to give up ..got to move on..


Blogger KP said...

one shud never give up....:) "tough time never last but tough people do" i am sure u r tougher than time....

8:20 AM  
Blogger Shimogait said...

Sad to know that people made you feel as if you are not one among them... I guess I am lucky to find people who are friendly and supportive... But still its been 2yrs and all I want is to go home!!!

10:10 PM  
Blogger Khushi said...

you know what, change is the only constant thing in life... dont worry, things change :)

12:03 AM  

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