Tuesday, April 08, 2008

so many thoughts

there is so much to write about that i am scared i will forget..
switching to working days after a mth of nights was disorienting,when i walked out of the hospital hunger and exhaustion both hit me hard...i realised i hadn't eaten in 2 days//and i was yearning some good yet simple food so i decided to go to whole foods.. i grabbed my dinner and with some effort found a little corner to sit and eat ..a man stopped me before i settled into the chair "thats my spot" ..i was not in the mood to question anyone, all i wanted was to be left alone...a few minutes later as i relished my food looking at union square from the second floor window..i wondered where my life had brought me..i sat between a homelees man enjoying his chinese grub and a yougster with a pierced lower lip enjoying her delightful salad and somewhere amidst these 2 was a little girl just trying to find a little bit of home, so wht if the only thing indian was my meal...i cried...something made me feel left out and lonely...
TAKE 2: i had never thought about it..i liked the "chrysler building" so much more than i liked the Empire state building..


Blogger Ekta said...

well welcome to the world of grown-ups...ur growing up after all!
Guess we all have phases of feeling lonely...but sometimes u just have to create ur own home whereever u are....
All the best

11:59 PM  
Blogger Swati said...

Ohh..in an alien world...I know what you mean :(

All the Best ..Thanks for dropping by on my blog

2:37 AM  

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