Friday, August 29, 2008

2 months later i finally return..time has flown and so much has changed..i moved ...i started driving and i started is so different that i feel like i see a different me in the mirror every morning ..not because i just got a new hair cut but simply because everything really has changed...
i yearn for human contact ..other than people at work all i hear is my own voice..every evening i go driving to a random new place ..i feel the beauty and joy but also the solitude...ossining has given a weird emptiness..i want to know people ..i want to reach out but silence is all i have..
sooner or later things will the mean time i am in love with my car..i have to find a name for her...any suggestions???


Blogger Keshi said...

wow WB Div! :)

car name: divster



1:35 AM  

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