Monday, September 12, 2005

there is no better teacher than life,its true u can't learn till u experience it..u may have read a topic hundred times over but when the parent of a suffering child asks u a question its then that u begin a new journey to discover to learn.
working on a pediatric floor is an experience that changes with every passing moment..whether its a little kid who walks up to you and hands you this little drawing he made for you or the kid who begins to cry at your sight...your world becomes richer with these little moments and as you wave good bye to a smiling kid you feel "life is indeed beautiful"


Blogger Sujit said...

yeah that really true.. you will learn when you experince it, and the reality is that we might advised some xyz on the same situation but when it comes to us we might be in the same pool as xyz was there...

1:16 PM  
Blogger Tarun said...

very true doc

3:18 PM  

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