Wednesday, January 09, 2008


went to a toy store yesterday to find some dolls..after a lifetime i was looking for a doll. I looked and finally decided i was going to get a Barbie, the little kid in me smiled, that first barbie-the emotions the enthusiasm, I could feel it all. I remembered standing in the airport and rejecting every other toy simply because I wanted a Barbie..
it must have been 19 years back but i can still remember that moment...funny!!
and then i went to that big toy store in london and after having been through 5 floors of toys all i wanted was the doctor Barbie...
i am going to meet m friend after 7 mths....i can't wait to sit down and have the bhelpuri conversation...i know after that the whole world will seem positive and beautiful...good friends and some bhel puri!!


Blogger Ekta said...

girls and dolls!!
but somehow I was never fascinated by dolls!..weird me!

10:42 AM  

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