Monday, July 06, 2009

quiet evening

nothing but the dib dab of tears shatters the silence, a sniffle that goes unheard the warm tender tear as it courses attempts are made to camouflage it for there is nothing to hide from..facts are i have lost it all...its the moment when the realization that joy will evade me forever has returned when the burden does seem unbearable and yet i know it needs to be carried on!! i think of that poem that we had read together as 2 little girls "help me share the load" and miss the friend who was always was harsh but a friend's doubt has killed the very meaning of existence... i search within i search aroud there must be a silver lining to this cloud ! if there isn't a friend there must be atleast a sidebar to hold on to while the storm passes! 


Blogger srinivas said...

I cannot resist comment on your blog. I think we have to understand the temporary nature of our material existence. Friends are not immune to it. They come and go in our life just like woods collect and separate in the flow of river. We have been looking for a friend who could share our tears and burden since time immemorial, but unfortunately at wrong places under the influence of IILUSION.

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