Saturday, March 14, 2009

a long walk

the water calm -telling me it'll all be fine.. the hills high protecting my world... and a little wooden bench ... looking towards tomorrow... hope walks into our life in so many different forms.. and when everything is falling apart it looks in through a quiet corner and assures us...
the cold wind didn't seem threatening enough as the sun filled me warmth and every moment brought me a step closer to the green leaves return will my life smile back at me..i have stood strong through this snow storm...i have kept my faith...
as the white swan spread its wings i hoped it would touch my life with its magic and leave a glint of joy... surrender to the moment let the feeling of contentment sink in.. tomorrow will be a new challenge but for now accept the peace.. spread the love!!
a new friend brightened my day and brought joy-thanks my friend..!! 


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