Sunday, October 20, 2013

new home

Moving in to our very own home was an experience i had never imagined. The first day that we moved boxes in, I felt a sense of joy. This was our little dream land, though i had been inside the house a number of times this was one of the first times i felt simply happy. The boxes needed to be unwrapped, the appliances needed to be changed and the old apartment still needed to be cleared out. Despite all those things I felt calm and serene. 
Both sets of parents were at the house warming and mamaji's presence eon Skype made the moment a memory I would live for years to come. I didn't realize till much later that I had forgotten all about a camera and pictures and was really just living this moment in its completeness. The next week was one adventure after another. The dryer seemed to have a lint collection that hadn't been cleared in forever, we spent hours figuring out and pulling out the dust and yet I just smiled at it all. All those little things that at any other moment in my life would have seemed monotonous and painful were now beautiful. 


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