Sunday, June 10, 2012

lessons from life!

People and events change us from moment to moment. We evolve and learn from our mistakes and our existence. As humans we have the choice of remaining trapped in the past or learning and moving on.
As a kid I had read " To err is to human, to forgive divine", as a young adult I am learning that there is more to it. Forgiveness is the only way to move on....Give yourself a break! Forgive and Forget!
The kid in me throws a tantrum and wishes for the world to move at my very own whim, the adult knows life will move on. Everyday relations change, people change, realities change and we are left wondering. Life has given me more than i dreamed of but it has also given me an ability to realize the reality will have its own plans. 
I look back on time, i look back on what i have left behind and what I have brought along. From where i stand I feel this yearning for people and moments that are now my past but I treasure the present and know nothing means more to me. Friends and family have been my world and I may evolve and grow but they will continue to be my strength and my biggest treasure. I will continue to be that little girl that wished to touch lives and quoting that unknown writer pray "God make me worthy of my friends."


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