Friday, January 22, 2010

Dreams do come true ..God watches over our world and fills it with happiness just as long as we have the faith to wait for that miracle..but strangely enough my miracle happened when i had lost the faith..!
As i look at the sprakle on my left ring finger, i smile and happily cherish the fact that I am now engaged to the world's most amazing person... I have made mistakes, I have also hurt people..i am sorry!
as i write this post..a weird emotion took over me..a fear of the uncertain... after all this time i realized it'll be an all new battle.. i'll be a stranger all over again and will be even father away from home... will i be able to do this? find a new world? i have always believed love gives us the energy to do the impossible..i hope i have the power to do it all.. !
God gifted me with Love and a new family.. i want to be able to live up to it all! why then do i miss Mom and Dad today?


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