Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i love NY!!

4 years in this city..memories, dreams, fears, accomplishments,failures, discoveries, a few dates too!! but above all an affair that'll last a lifetime..relax! i am talking about my love for NY city!!
why do i love ny? 4 years back i discovered this city walking on random streets, i discovered uptown and downtown, streets and blocks and yes the subway lines..the green (4,5,6) or the yellow(R,N,Q).. sometimes i am in the city to find my way in the city, i have to imagine  myself on a subway map!!
i love New York for a number of reasons, i love it for its 4 seasons ... i like the summer when people bask in the radiance, when slippers and tank tops appear ..when children build sand castles on the beach.. i Love spring with the tulips...the colors, the fragrance, the trees loaded with flowers, new leaves...a new inspiration to go on!! 
and then the seaason that is,red, yellow...the leaves...the colors...the dreams..every morning you rise to a different color!
last but noth the least..the snow covered world, the christmas spirit, the lights the music...
ny gave me a tough time , it taught me more than any place on earth...but i love NY!!


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