Sunday, July 19, 2009

incomplete stories!

i don't know if it was the way i felt about my life today or if it just happened to be a random memory that knocked on my mind's window... i was 12 and writing had become my favorite passtime and my means of expression.. i can remember that little school notebook that had poems in the first half and my short stories in the second half.. and then one day i gave it to my english teacher.. i was proud of those poems they were mine.. my little accomplishment..she read through them and when we met to talk about it, she said-"why are the stories incomplete?" i had no idea i just could not think of a good ending and being the little kid i was that believed in happy endings i guess i had left them to be imagined....
today years later i wonder why ? why is the story incomplete? why don't we find a happy ending? and why does this hurt??


Blogger Cosmic Joy said...

Is it because you are not sure what kind of ending you would want? And is this not knowing the reason for the sadness?

4:28 PM  

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