Monday, February 16, 2009


don't know why on a completely perfect monday evening..i am thinking about that poem i search for answers within..i sit here and wonder if you send out a random question to the universe? does the world answer it? does some human or supernatural power reach out and address your doubts?? 
i am in delhi, a perfect state of happiness surrounds me..mummy and papa and my little brother give me the world...and there is an extended family that accepts me as i am..they complain about my appetite and me losing weight but thats all...i have returned after a year and so much has changed and yet it feels just like home...the magic hasn't changed...
somebody asked me once if i was crazy about Delhi? and i said no i just love it because its home but now years later i know i am crazy about it..
if...i really need to read that poem today!!


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