Monday, December 07, 2009

my tribute

the human mind is a maze that you can never resolve..! in its millions of alleys you find questions, faiths and fears that are beyond imagination.It unfolds and does the least expected, it hides its moves and surfaces unknown. 
Looking back i see through the glass wall and i see memories that i treasure and hold close and moments that i wish had never existed and yet i know that that was how i learned to find answers!
She knocks on my subconscious, i desire for just one moment with her, she plays through the cords of special memories and as i look at those old pictures i know thats all i have of her. They say we must all move on, I did too -i go through the day and rejoice at the happiness life is bringing me but sometimes in silent moments i wish for just one moment with her. 
the stories that remain untold, the desires that were never expressed, the laughter that will echo in my soul forever... and yet i know i must move on! why then do i ask for just one more moment with her?
this had to be written ...!! its my tribute to a lady whose spirit will vibrate through the soul of my family forever.


Blogger Cosmic Joy said...

The sad certainty of life..

Wishing you strength in your moment of sorrow. I hope you are able to overcome the grief and look back at the happy moments of yesteryear.

Take care.

11:20 AM  

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