Thursday, October 29, 2009

a poem

Its silent but not serene


Amidst the crowd

It knocks at my heart

It teases

It questions

It threatens and asks

“who will you call?”

I surrender ,

My eyes moist

My palms wet

Throat parched

I want to call out

“who will I call?”

I look at my palm

I look at my past

Its destiny they say

I wonder , I have my faith

And yet just want to know

Who should I call?

Years had flown

I stood alone

Enveloped by darkness

I knock on hopes door



Blogger Oh.. that is us. said...

Hey divya, Cheer up.. Scorpions get good people all along their life, for they are unique and there is no on like a scorpion girl.. yes I am one, and I have got an excellent company.

2:53 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Joy said...

Simple and forceful. Very nicely written.

Reading the words made me wonder what inspired them..

11:57 AM  

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