Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the price we pay

my favorite writer calls it our alternative life ..the alternate future we could have chosen had we taken a different direction when we stood at crossroads ...i call it the price we pay for the present ..we all give up something..family, friends, a job , career options...a home...security..and thats the price we pay for what we get and from where i stand today i feel like mine was really expensive! I don't want to complain but i didn't realise my bargaining skills were so bad!
when i saw namesake i felt miserable little did i know that just a few years from then thats just how my life would look like... !!
when i pray i do not know what is it i should ask for i just stand there with hands folded and let the Lord decide for he must know best !


Blogger srinivas said...

It seems like you are very ambivalent about your present life and your decisions. What is the gaurentee that we would be happy with alternative life or alternate future. Are you sure about praying Lord to decide for you? What he has do with the price we pay for our choices?

10:08 PM  
Blogger Mohit Batra said...

Remember Neo in Matrix Reloaded - "Choice, the problem is choice!" We all have to make one, but the best part is, it never ends! Whenever you think you have taken the wrong choice, HE would present a couple of more choices to undo everything!
Since you mentioned Namesake, I'm compelled to mention Swades ;-) That too was a choice, wasn't it... and we are never late to decide what we want to do!

1:18 AM  

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