Saturday, August 15, 2009

New York!

as i drove back form brooklyn after dropping priya home! i looked at the skyline ! in my head i could hear the lines from Sex and the City where Sarah Jessica Parker says that someday we will find that love of our life and untill then we hae manhattan. For the first time i realised i had fallen in love with New York, despite all the criticism, all the traffic all the complains from friends. the last 4 years have made me a different person, and yes whether i like it or not New York is responsible for it all! and yet the fact remains nothing makes me happier than the sight of the skyline or hours at the Hudson hearing the waves! 
why do i like Times square? is it because of the big lighted screens ? there is something about the energy , the spirit, the millions of dreams that walk past that point, when people look up in amazement! when the street artists finish those caricatures..4 years alot of failures, pain and sorrow and just one realisation life goes on and no better place to learn it all than New York!!


Blogger Cosmic Joy said...

I am glad you are learning to move forward in the right direction .. away from those 4 years. Wishing you happy days ahead :)

5:56 PM  

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