Wednesday, April 27, 2005

another dilemma

its another one of those times when my head is so full of thoughts that i can't get myself to write an organised post...but well better late than never...
so i finally took my step 3 the last and final exam in the series of never ending exams and interviews..i hope i pass this one last time...
as for everything else ...i am in new york again and like last time this city is leaving me spell bound ...last time i came it was fall colors and this time its the spirit of spring...the flowers the trees..all so full of joy so full of even makes me forget the fear of failing my exam..
though i also wonder if i'll ever be able to associate this city with home or will i always be the little kid anxious to go home...lets hope for the best..
i am excited about the next part of my trip...i am going to London after a really long time...i do have some vague but yet beautiful memories of the time i spent there as an 8 yr old...i still remember how i cud not accept the time zone change and refused to agree that it was night time and i could not go to the park..
i remeber going to this park and spending time in this little place which was full of balls i was so excited-the funny thing is i still am...
so i shall write back again from london...with news..
oh i walked with pooj after the exam in central park and it was such a wonderful camera gave up on me ...i wish i cud post some pictures....
take care

Saturday, April 09, 2005

my brother

I wish hope and pray manik doesn’t read this post…though it is dedicated to him..
Manik is my brother, my best friend and my partner in crime. He is younger than I am but I have never felt like an elder sister – simply cos at times he is more mature than I can ever be and at others he is the same age as me. I don’t think we can survive for longer than an hour without fighting… and our reasons are always unbelievable. The fact is manik means the world to me. Sometimes I look back and I can’t believe the fact that we 2 have actually grown up – I can’t believe the fact that we get to spend very little time with each other … but I know one thing whenever I need a smile whenever I need to feel better whenever I need to share an achievement mana will be there.. He is and will always be the life of our little family… "miss u loads mana"

Monday, April 04, 2005


being alive is one thing,being positive is another.this energy , this zest for life,this "joie de vivre" makes all the difference between doing things and doing them well.

the outward surge of energy is born of the intensity within.the visible body of movement is powered by the strength of mind.attune your spirit and the impact will follow.

these little quotes were passed on to me by a friend n in times when i need energy n enthusiasm i read them..