Sunday, September 25, 2005


"aaina mujhse meri pehli si surat maange,mere apne mujhse apne hone ki nishaani maange"
i don't know why when i looked at the mirror this morning,i thought in just a few months had the person i saw in my reflection changed? time and again people have said it,sometimes it hurts sometimes its nice but yes i have changed...
"jaana hai jaana hai chalte hi jaana hai...."my journey is still on and as i move on i shall discover the world and rediscover the individual i call "me"..
but there is something i have known and something that i take pride in n that is my roots the bonds that tie me to home...people may call my emotinality and my ties my weakness but i know that that is my strength ...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

i continue to post..don't know if anybody is reading but i type as my expressions flow..solitude can be a dreadful thing but at times it has its own beauty ..just sitting there listening to the little sounds of the world around me..water dribbling, the clock ticking,cars that go by...yes solitude can be beautiful...

Monday, September 19, 2005


on my way to work as i looked at the world around the bus went over the bridge i saw the vast stretch of water surrounding my worl n i was forced to think what had changed had i moved on n left time behind?
or had time moved faster than i could grasp it and slipped from my grasp...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

i continue.. comments but i comtinue to blog..faithfully!
first i went out for a movie and when i reached times square i felt like i didn'teven know that it was a part of the city i lived in...well! salaam namaste was great was fun to watch a hindi movie after such a long time..they do have a spirit of their own..lively..
joy is indeed just an expression just a reaction to our circumstances...i walked to the bay today and looked at the ships not know where they r headed,do not know what their journey is..thats life isn't it we move on from day to day ...but what mattersis that we live every day to the fullest..keep smiling n if u can gift a smile..
when ife seems tough gift a smile n it will come back to you..start the chain...

Monday, September 12, 2005

the many colors of life.. Posted by Picasa

there is no better teacher than life,its true u can't learn till u experience it..u may have read a topic hundred times over but when the parent of a suffering child asks u a question its then that u begin a new journey to discover to learn.
working on a pediatric floor is an experience that changes with every passing moment..whether its a little kid who walks up to you and hands you this little drawing he made for you or the kid who begins to cry at your sight...your world becomes richer with these little moments and as you wave good bye to a smiling kid you feel "life is indeed beautiful"

Thursday, September 08, 2005


pictures of my apartment at memories
but don't forget to read the other posts also a small post on dreams..

thoughts set free Posted by Picasa

after a long time..

.. after a long time a desire to write took over me i just wanted to put down my thoughts in words much has gone past so much has changed and i haven't even had the opportunity to assess it..
everyday on the train when i get time to look around and also talk to myself,i feel amazed when did all this happen my world changed..i start a journey every day to discover my neverland and its not difficult cos i know just what it looks like...
amazing the world we can i step out every day or should i say every night cos i am working nights these days a sudden sense envelopes me..where is my journey heading am i going the right way?? and then somewhere along the way a stranger smiles at me and suddenly the doubts i become a part of the sign out and hear bout my patients i feel like this is where i belong,as i take part in patient assessments and discussions i know i am on the right journey...
when the regular nursey calls me down for some issues and i go down with my senior or alone to assess babies i feel "yes" "God has a plan for me and i have faith in his plan"
i will however continue the search for neverland which is at the other end of the rainbow which i will visit march...i can't keep myself from missing home..but like i say i miss it with a smile not a tear..