Thursday, March 24, 2005

things i want to do before i am 25

1.start working a little house and make it a home
3.learn to control my temper
4.write more often..n complain less often..
5.learn to remember and tell jokes a game of squash...well i'll improve...i'll try.....he he...
7.probably start swimming again...
8.stop procastinating(thats asking for too much..well i'll try ....)
9.learn to cook (atleast for survival) the new Harry potter...whenever it comes out...
11.finish "gone with the wind"
12.keep in touch with all my friends a few smiles and brighten a few lives
14.not gain weight...
15.learn more n try not to give up..
16.give my parents reasons to be proud of me. something more interesting and less boring....keep smiling
i am sure there is more but i can't remmber...will probably by the time i am 25....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

balti in the line-revisited

balti in the line was originally written a few years back was a description of life at the hostel ..last week i visited my hostel again after a long time and nostalgia hit me hard..the long corridors and multiple doors ...memories around every corner ...i know those days will never return but i also know that the memories will always make me smile ...i am not upset that that phase is over ...i am happy tht the memorie are so beautiful...will sign off now with a promise to post a longer write up soooooooon.....

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


sometimes fear takes over our world..sometimes uncertainties loom over leaving everything dark...its so difficult to find a silver line of hope in that dark cloud of dread...but the fact is the sun shines takes over and makes our world brighter...sooner or later

Thursday, March 10, 2005


a world full of joy,satisfaction and affection..thats my world...and then there is my game of quidditch....for non harry potter fans thats a new word ...right? well! no i don't get on a broom and go flying around i don't have a nimbus 2000 game of qudditch is squash-the black ball is the snitch that i try and hit and also the quaffle...
i like the game cos it helps me get over my temper and stay happier it helps me think over and organise my i play my mind keeps working answering my questions and getting rid of all my doubts,all through the game i continue to talk to myself and i walk out more certain...
and thats the reason that even when i play alone i walk out happier...more positive -more confident...

Monday, March 07, 2005

found this while looking through my old documents..hope u like it..
Life is a journey
The vendor blew into his pipe creating loads of bubbles, the little kids ran after them in an attempt to hold one in their little palms but alas every bubble they touched burst losing existence. While they enjoyed the game my thoughts wandered to a land far away …we humans are like those kids and our desires like the bubbles little do we know that those dreams that we spend our lives for, may burst into non existence…leaving us with nothing but empty hands and an aching heart..So before the clock ticks away and it is too late, remember life is a journey and not a pause wait for a moment and enjoy the route to your destination.
(P.s. but continue dreaming because the world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams)

Saturday, March 05, 2005


loooooong time n no post? right ! !!!!! but i just can't get my thoughts organised to for the moment i'll just leave with a promise to post something sooooooooooooon...