Saturday, January 30, 2010

someone special walks into your life and you put everything on pause for nothing matters more than the life you share together. you cherish moments of togetherness, look forward to being there for him and knowing that there is someone to go back to. you share joys, sorrows, accomplishments and defeats... Life is perfect! 
circumstances change, relationships shatter and he leaves an emptiness behind..How do you start all over again?
As me and my friend stand at these 2 ends ...i just want to be there for her..i want to be her strength in tough times and protect her ... i want to put that innocent smile back where it truly belongs.. i want her to live without fear ..for that is what she deserves!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dreams do come true ..God watches over our world and fills it with happiness just as long as we have the faith to wait for that miracle..but strangely enough my miracle happened when i had lost the faith..!
As i look at the sprakle on my left ring finger, i smile and happily cherish the fact that I am now engaged to the world's most amazing person... I have made mistakes, I have also hurt people..i am sorry!
as i write this post..a weird emotion took over me..a fear of the uncertain... after all this time i realized it'll be an all new battle.. i'll be a stranger all over again and will be even father away from home... will i be able to do this? find a new world? i have always believed love gives us the energy to do the impossible..i hope i have the power to do it all.. !
God gifted me with Love and a new family.. i want to be able to live up to it all! why then do i miss Mom and Dad today?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

the queens

suddenly you left a vaccum behind .. every moment of my life was shared with you, i shared my joys, my sorrows, my accomplishments, my failures, my grudges with you. As you walked away without a word i watched. You had said i was your best friend forever.. how could forever end? I know you have your reasons, I know!. I promise not to call you till you ask for me. i watched you leave and not look back, a little wish knocked on my door and said atleast turn around and leave me a memory. 
As i walked the aisles of the pharmacy this morning looking for medicine i saw stickers and remembered how you always had the nicest collection for the little ones. they say you did the right thing, i should just let you go.. I am angry, I am sad, I am waiting for you to return and share this special phase in my life..! you promised when it happened you would share it with me... 
wish you al the Joy on earth but i can't stop missing you...!