Saturday, May 16, 2009

the flower i love

i have always loved carnations something about their beauty fascinates me ..but lately i have been noticing how nature nurtured beauty in every aspect..the tulips that stand tall and proud -a single flower standing alone yet radiates joy..
the dandelions that when puffed away lose their existence and yet disperse life..
the orchids that amaze with their royal attitude ..the rose that will forever be the expression of, joy, friendship, hope, sympathy, compassion - silently they say it all ..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

me again

i say it often that i miss you all but what i don't say is that its something that makes me happy its the happy memories that are my never ending source of energy..
they say we move on and build our own new circle..i did too...lots of new people almost a whole new family and yet the old days continue to live,sometimes it feels like its an alternate future..its existence is so real and at others i know its too far behind its so distant that it seems like a bubble and if i touch it with reality it will burst!!
but amidst all this in me is a little ray of hope a little desire to smile on and on..i look at the universe and say beat me to it and i will still give you happiness in return!!