Thursday, October 29, 2009

a poem

Its silent but not serene


Amidst the crowd

It knocks at my heart

It teases

It questions

It threatens and asks

“who will you call?”

I surrender ,

My eyes moist

My palms wet

Throat parched

I want to call out

“who will I call?”

I look at my palm

I look at my past

Its destiny they say

I wonder , I have my faith

And yet just want to know

Who should I call?

Years had flown

I stood alone

Enveloped by darkness

I knock on hopes door


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the price we pay

my favorite writer calls it our alternative life ..the alternate future we could have chosen had we taken a different direction when we stood at crossroads ...i call it the price we pay for the present ..we all give up, friends, a job , career options...a thats the price we pay for what we get and from where i stand today i feel like mine was really expensive! I don't want to complain but i didn't realise my bargaining skills were so bad!
when i saw namesake i felt miserable little did i know that just a few years from then thats just how my life would look like... !!
when i pray i do not know what is it i should ask for i just stand there with hands folded and let the Lord decide for he must know best !

Monday, October 19, 2009

diwali thought

i looked up at the fireworks..i looked up towards heaven and said"God why did you take this away from me?" ..i was as happy as can be..i was with my family on Diwali..after years this day had finally arrived and i wanted to hold on to it..but as they say the stronger you grasp th quicker it slips out...happy diwali!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Home! An entirely Magical world! Affection, warmth and concern! Landed in Delhi yesterday and it took just a moment to feel like this is where I truly belong. The house looked different, painted, rennovated but yet it was home!
Normal yet special! Everytime i am here I think of the first time I had walked into this house. It may have been ages back but it still seems like yesterday.sometimes I miss the person who had walked in that day! I wish I could find her even within but somewhere in the reality of this world that little dreamer must have survived.