Friday, April 19, 2013

Just a few days back as I sat in the car to drive home from work, I heard about the Newtown shooting. Little kids shot and killed, it took us a few days but we put the pain away and moved on. And then it happened again ...the boston marathon explosions...but to be honest these things really do seem to happen every day in countries like Syria. As human beings we have developed our defense we draw ourselves away and detach. But every once in a while the thought that it this is not a natural disaster, this isn't a tsunami or an earthquake. This is human is people amongst us and then every once in a while we look around and wonder about how all this could have happened. I wonder if there is something we can change about the way we live our lives ...Do we need to reassess our attitudes? Do we need to rethink our ways of life?
For one moment let us all pause not only to appreciate what we have but to remind people in our life that they matter, they are special and remind our children the value of life. Let us not talk to them about the bitterness in this world but about what they can do to make this world a better place.