Sunday, July 10, 2005


why does it happen that however hard u try u miss thoughts drift to home time and again ...there are moments when i am happy and i want to share it with my family when i feel exhausted i feel a strong desire to go home...but home is miles away..months away ...but very soon this journey will pause for a while and i will go home..on my way to the apartment today as we were shifting out of the dorm i looked back and there was so much that had much ...what you have in store for us only time can tell but all i desire is give me strength to take it all with a smile..

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


i wrote a poem titled "sometimes" a long time back ...but i am not posting the poem cos i only remmebr the first few lines but the thoughts that had lead to that poem came back today and so i decided to title my post "sometimes"....(confused!!!!) is an unexpected journey and something new happens every moment -the irony is we spend our life planning for what might never happen..for the Lord is indeed a better planner...
a long time back me and one of my close friends read a poem that i am sharing with u -well whatever i remember-
"its my joy in life to find at every turning of the road a friend to help me share my load
and since i have no gold to give and love alona can make ammends
my only prayer is "God make me worthy of my friends"
if the poet ever reads this-i am sorry for not remembering the entire poem but it was a great poem...
this post is dedicated to all the people in my life my family and my friends who have made life beautiful for me..thanks
even when i am so far ...for all those who keep in touch..and for my family and friends here who are helping me adapt...thanks
for all those people who read my blog and leave me comments-thanks..
tomorrow is a long day i hope all goes will right???

Sunday, July 03, 2005

when i was hurt u healed my wounds,
when i was quiet u heard my thoughts,
when i won u shared my joy ,
and when i felt defeated -
you just said "try"
when i think about life,
i know its beautiful,
its joyous ...and its complete cos i have you..
ma..i may be miles away but i am thinking about you..


woo...what a day? today was my first "on call" day and it felt great to be a part of the system-to look after kids...being in the nursery...was just so amazing i have learnt so much today...
i don't think i'll be able to do a good job but i really want to write about the lady who has been my strength and my weakness ...she is my strngth because ever since i was a little kid she believed in me she showed me the stars and told me to reach out for them..she is my weakness because i love her and wherever i may be my thoughts will always be with her..."ma" you are my world and you always will be...