Thursday, October 27, 2005

good idea

i am stealing this idea from someone who visited my blog:
its true its lovely to remember just use the link below and enter your birthday for me..
enter date of birth

Monday, October 24, 2005

losing in life

my cousin sent me a lovely poem about losing in life and as i read it i realised how life is not just about achieving its about losing.From the moment we are born we start the process of losing which begins with losing the security of a mother's womb and being exposed to this a child loses its nutrition n its warmth and learns in the process.At every step in life thereafter we give up security to learn a new lesson and attain a level of maturity but we carry along in our memories that which we lose...i guess that is what we call growth..

Saturday, October 22, 2005

light up the world

when a friend said the last time u posted something on your blog was 11th october i realised it was time to!! is its usual selves,like always asking questions and gifting me with answers at times and doubts at others.the babies continue to fill my world,their smiles their expresiions their complains and their can i really work in anything other than neonatology ? ??
its the time of the year when everything is full of light and color yes it is festival time,i was thinking how everything at home must be ...the markets full of excitement,the streets lit up,people coming over.diwali is such a lovely festival candles n diyas, pooja n ceremonies n then of course bhai!!Happy diwali!!its the time to keep smiling...:)
i have realised that gifting a joy can make u so happy so whenevr u need a mood uplifted gift a smile,light up somebody's world and the shadows will disappear from yours...i promise try it!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

little princess

unaware of the world around her she sleeps..a new world surrounds her but little does she know. eager eyes watch over her and smile back as she smiles in her sleep.her little hands grasped light,her eyes closed tight.wonder what she saw in her dream but she is somebody's dream and i wish her health and pray to God that she blossoms into a healthy child.
hmm..the nursery does act as an inspiration-right?
take care keep smiling!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

kuch to hua hai...

hmm..wasn't that a lovely song just came across it and decided to write a post on it..the movie was released in our mediacl college days and obviously we managed to get tickets at the last moment but there is more to that song it reminds me of one of my last days in the hostel ...few girls sharing dreams and looking back and humming is a beautiful memory that will always stay..
wake up and start your day start the journey to live that dream you just saw...keep smiling keep humming....................

Monday, October 03, 2005

new lessons

life continues to teach and working gets more n more exciting everyday..peds teaches u so much more than just medicine u learn to smile and share a joke learn to look at the world from a child's eyes and from that end its always happy and joyous...other than that u learn to hold a baby wrap them so that they r comfortable,feed them and burp them and also to change diapers..interesting but its true they r all little bundles of joy and u can't help but smile when see them................