Saturday, November 29, 2008

still the same emptiness

its such a weird feeling ..i am with my closest friends friends my world should be complete and yet an emptiness surrounds it..the knowledge that i 'll stand here alone tomorrow..the strong never give up attitude in me is beginning to fade and leave behind a weak, not ready to face the world girl..
no idea where i am heading but i hope its all in the right direction..when i see people i envy how complete there lives are and i envy the fact that they have somebody to come back home to..a corner inside me asks -why me?? 
but to give is the greatest joy in life and i continue to gift smiles the hope that somewhere, somehow, to somebody i am making a difference..right?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

turned 28

as i turned 28 it was time to look back and look was time to analyse the past and dream about the future.. as the day rolled past i realised so much had chnaged..when God closes a door somewhere he always opens a window..i knew this window had opened but when i looked around and saw that door closing a fear enveloped me..will the past forget me!! i still held on to it and yet it had turned away ..the phone call from my school friend never came..the text message that had for years wished me when it turned 12 in india never buzzed on my screen..
friends called, family wished me and yet i wondered??? was i ready to start a new era??