Saturday, December 30, 2006

living alone

this post is about my experiences of living alone..after my room mate moved to another city i had to make the big decision..should i live alone? or should i find a new room mate? i chose the do it yourself mode of life and found myself a new apartment ..."my home".the last six months were a struggle that is tough to put in to words..coming home knowing all that awaits u is the emptiness of your home yet looking forward to the silence and solitude...buying 2 bananas..not buying flavored yogurt...buying enough frozen food so i never had to cook and if i did there wud be enough to last for a week....watching movie after movie..dropping off laundry instead of doing it together...remembering that it was all to be done...carryign it all..nobody wud carry the heavier bag simply cos i was the shorter one...never finding double stock of milk...always buying 2%...nobody to surprise...and then nobody to complain cos u didn't clean...i love the independence but i sure miss her...!?!?!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

dare to dream

do we have a price to pay for our dreams?? a small thought has bothered me..the right words are tough to find ...the right decision hard..and as they say the decision is never right or wrong..its just the choices we make...a silence is all i have to give at this moment but i am awaiting a voice...

Thursday, December 07, 2006


so much to say..but i will start by congratulating my cookie partner who is going to india tonight to get married..GOOD LUCK BUDDY!!
life at my end is the same...lots of work and lots of smiles..i miss home alot!!
hmm...can't wait to take the trip home..4 more months and i am counting already !!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

cookie mornings

wake up late and make a cup of coffee while she made tea..and we were back again in our comforters but on the couch with our laptops, DVD remotes and a pack of cookies..i miss cookie mornings!!