Thursday, June 18, 2009

as the girls graduate!

3 years back they had walked in monica and i like to say we had met on the was quite like that she had emailed me and i had met her at dunkin donuts across from county and we had all gone shopping together..that indeed was the beginning of our friendship ..over the next month we had dinner together almost everyday..and when she got a room mate we drifted apart and i settled in to realising that things change but yet valued her ...the possesive scorpio missed her..i remember we sat at the steps of her apartment and fought about it.... !! friends we stayed!! luckily for me!! and then her Mr.Right came along and Monica moved out... it was weird that i cud not walk to her apartment every evening but oh well..Friends we stayed!! And now its time for her to graduate and leave New York i know i will miss you little girl!! but i am also proud of you -good luck!!
can't remember the first time i ran into swati ...did we work together? did we meet at a desi gang get together? don't know !! but as the only 2 single girls in the group..we spent or well tried to spend a lot of free weekends on random adventures...somehow swati always had to do laundry ;)...just kidding!! she was amazing, knew her stuff better than any other resident i knew and yet had no faith in herself....the prettiest, always perfectly dressed, with a voracious appetite for books and music, swati could amaze anybody any day!! we exchanged notes on being single and that picture of our shadows will always remind me of the good time we spent together...u'll do amazingly well!! and we will always miss you!!
Prita...the girl in red!! remember that bridal shower and well of course all the rides to work together!! the miss photogenic of our group ! and the girl that never answered her phone!!
thanks for visiting me just before i left i remember you helped me pack that first carton ...all thos parties and how can any one ever forget "kajrare" ...i know you'll be happy wherever you are and i wish you al the joy!! thanks for the letter of recommendation!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

unknown sentiments!

it was weird how in a moment the emotions that had surrounded me unknowingly 4 years back became obvious .. when i had moved to New York 4 years back so much was happening that in the act of dealing with it i had even cut off my feelings from reacting to the facts!! and at that moment when cornered about how i had felt and how could i have not dreaded it i realised that unaware i had fought that battle without hesitation... God does give us our defenses!! or as Richard Bach says we are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true!