Sunday, June 29, 2008

the rain

washed away my tears,
took away all i ever had
holding on to my fears
speechless, i smiled,
surrendered my past,
released the grip
watched helpless
as the little butterfly
flew away and with it,
my walls fell apart.
insecure, apprehensive,
alone again
wanting to hold on
just a moment longer.
too exhausted to complete this poem...hopefully it'll find a happy ending soon..i left downstate today and i felt so somebody just took my world away from me.. it wasn't the institution but it was the people.. it was the knowledge that they were there through all the hard times...

Monday, June 16, 2008

don't know

i don't know where to buy milk? confused, overwhelmed and apprehensive about moving- i looked around and said but i won't know where to buy milk? the small little comforts..3 years bck romal n me we had gone to a CVS pharmacy to buy groceries..n fought over wht kind of milk to buy ....over the years we both settled in on 2% and whn she left ..i kept the i pack the house little memories appear out of every corner..peeping at me...teasing!! i'll miss Bay Ridge!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

old memories

life moves faster than we can imagine..three years...and its time to move on..i am so excited ..that i am amazed...usually i hate the idea of moving..why am i so happy today?
the last three years have left me memories i will cherish forever but they were definitely not easy..i know i mentioned this in my last post too..
so i am reading this great book called the last lecture..and i wonder what i would say to the world...don't we all..atleast when i die this blog will be still there for people read my thoughts... anyways what would one say in their last lecture??

Monday, June 02, 2008

and we gradauted

three!! i won't say they flew was hard and as i stood there in my pink dress admiring the group, i thought about how much it had taken to get here..
a part of me would never be the same again..residency had taken its toll.. for better or for worse i had become a different person.. i had transitioned ... grown up??
the ever protected lives a crazy city like NY.. i had built new relations, friends came by and friends moved away, some changed my life, some left joy..some left memories... i learnt my lessons and i learnt to dance... i learnt to find happiness and to treasure wht i have.. there are so many memories..