Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NY again!!

if i haven't said it a million times already then let me say it again NY never stops amazing me..i have loved this city, hated it and treasured it all at the same time...i have cried when it has been ruthless , i have smiled at its beauty i have looked at the skyline in complete awe and i have treasured the joy of calling it home...but today i have another story to tell, an experience to share- the story of cabs in NY..whether you hail a yellow cab or call a special car service the diversity of the drivers amazes me and they have stories o telll and opinions to share...
as a stranger they share with me there accomplishments, their worries, joke around and even give me advice... i have heard of their struggle, their dreams... the other day i jumped into a yellow cab and the driver said to me "wow lady you smell great".. he made my day!! and once i met this amazing person from india who gave me advice like a father...yes NY never stops amazing me!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

blue rose

every once in a while you read a book , a story a newspaper column-just anything and you begin to believe in a kid it was the existence of fairyland, as a teenager it was the principle of hard work and the victory of truth and sinceroty over all else, and then in your twenties a million things..
i once read the story of the blue rose and i believed in it..i was very young and did not know that almost 10 years later i will look back and wonder if its real..the fantasy..the joy of believing in it ...knowing...that somehwhere in my thoughts it still exists..and quite unlike realtiy even if i were to close my eyes its presence will stay on...why am i asking myself so many questions today???

Thursday, April 24, 2008

everytime i walk down Madison avenue a weird feeling surrounds me...3 years back it was here that i started my life in NY ...i walk down with a feeling of familiarity yet knowing i am stranger...the big stores..i still look at the windows with total amazement .....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

a long conversation over a cup of coffee..that is my idea of a dream come true..
i feel like that image is so perfect... it implies you have enough time to relax, enough money to buy tht cup of cofee, a relaxed mind, and above all a friend to have that conversation with...wht else can one ask for in life?
p.s let me go get my cup ...take care and have a lovley weekend!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

so many thoughts

there is so much to write about that i am scared i will forget..
switching to working days after a mth of nights was disorienting,when i walked out of the hospital hunger and exhaustion both hit me hard...i realised i hadn't eaten in 2 days//and i was yearning some good yet simple food so i decided to go to whole foods.. i grabbed my dinner and with some effort found a little corner to sit and eat ..a man stopped me before i settled into the chair "thats my spot" ..i was not in the mood to question anyone, all i wanted was to be left alone...a few minutes later as i relished my food looking at union square from the second floor window..i wondered where my life had brought me..i sat between a homelees man enjoying his chinese grub and a yougster with a pierced lower lip enjoying her delightful salad and somewhere amidst these 2 was a little girl just trying to find a little bit of home, so wht if the only thing indian was my meal...i cried...something made me feel left out and lonely...
TAKE 2: i had never thought about it..i liked the "chrysler building" so much more than i liked the Empire state building..

Saturday, April 05, 2008

tag tag

this was a tough one but i guess lets try it...
a..apprehesion..i still have mine friend..after all these years i can say without doubt..romal you are my best friend
c..candles- i love them..change..i find it hard to accept, carnations..
d..dreamer..the thing that will never chnage..
e..error..we all make mistakes..
f..father...unbeatable!! the best!!
G..God..the whole world might change i will keep my faith!!
I..india ...gol
J..jab we met!!
k...karuna best teacher ever
l...ludhiana...memories thatll never fade.. world!! favourite vacation!!
O...orphanage..i dreamt of making one when i grew up support..
q..queens..the 3 queens of queens..
r..remember me...when i am gone...
t...time i wish i could wind the clock and hold on to the special moments forever
u..uncertain..the future..i dread uncertainty..
w..wind...wishes..make a wish!! may your wish come true!!
x...xray ..thats the only word i can think of.. for reading...
z...zombie...after all these sleepless calls......