Monday, July 31, 2006


what a weird topic? is that the thought on ur mind? i thought bout this all day..every morning i step in to starbucks n buy a frapuccino and pay 1.65...every evening or noon whenever i can get a break to step out i stop at dunkin donuts and buy an iced coffee and guess what i pay now i feel like my life moves around the 1.65 coffee...keep smiling!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

me again

traveller's in a common galaxy...strangers,aliens to both this land and each other we travel searching for our own goals ...seeking happiness..we r foreign to the traditions of this world and we look for familiarity and warmth..we treasure a smile we treasure a helping hand we treasure just the knowledge that u r around..we are aliens searching for our niche..but we r also friends..

Thursday, July 27, 2006

just s few words

silence envelopes my little world..its weird thunder hits hard; my world stilll says quiet...its raining...
its amazing how the slightest association with home makes one happy ...i flip when i hear a few words of hindi or just somebody dressed in a salwar kameez...everything...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

new memories

after days ..a few voices echoed in my little home ...a few friends came over n the silence disappeared ...for just a few moments..we created memories-we shared tiramisu after a good indian meal and few crazy was an evening to remember was special and memorable...

Monday, July 24, 2006

tag tag

i have been tagged and i am excited cos somebody actually tagged me..thanks
i'm thinking about:that is a question that will take a life time to answer -to b honest alot like what next? will i find my answers? am i thinking too much?
isaid:take care and keep smiling
i want to:take a long nap and always gift a smile,be with my family and friends, go home
i wish: home was not so far away...
i hear:silence and the fan
i wonder:if i'll make it...
i regret:hmm..nothing i made my choices..
i am :impossible,a small thing,full of enthusiasm and enough optimism to run the world
i dance:all the time i even walk with a hop in my step
i sing:whenever i am walking i hum though i hate to say it i am a miserable singer but i love music
i cry:very easily...i am one of those people who cry in movies..n i always cry when i leave home
i'm not always:angry..i lose my temper sometimes
i make with my hands:food and a good cup of coffee and of course the little things in this house that i have very cautiously assembled
i write:my blog my thoughts my diary and progress notes
i confuse:myself
i need:nothing ..needs only make us weak...but i cud sure add a few more great friends and ya a book shelf
and finally:i finished..yipee..
i tag nidhi and deepa..howzzat girls?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

on a quiet day

"its a tough time but your optimism will take u through" as i read my horoscope i smiled was true but the fact was the tough time was kind of over i had adapted to the change and found the silver lining in the cloud...its been a few weeks now...and what seemed impossible is now turning out to be the realty and i am so proud of myself for dealing with it....i have learnt to find joy in solitude and to b honest i have discovered an all new world..not just new perspectives but also new truths...and i have learnt to cherish small achievements like managing to hang new curtains....or even a cup of coffee or a phone call...yes i have learnt to cherish those small joys that i took for granted...for as they say what matters is the attitude-right????

Sunday, July 16, 2006

my longest post

life and its weird questions...and its unquestionable ways..why am i being so abstract? i don't really know...i guess i am just trying to get to the point...after a 24 hour call when u come home and spend your time cutting fruit and cleaning the gas stove-u r left wondering whatever happened to the ever irresponsible kid in you...suddenly you feel like somewhere somehow u grew up and picked up those habits from mummy...u remmber her and doing all those little things makes u feel closer to the lady whose only goal in life was your happiness...
i also felt very lucky today has always helped me...i looked back today and i felt how lucky i was to have had family and friends who have always supported me and have been there for me in the toughest of circumstances...
as i walked around the book store today an old dream came back to me...once again the desire to write took over me....

Thursday, July 13, 2006


a dream ,ahope, a thought...thats what keeps us going...sometimes i pause to think and then i move on...for thats the rule of life move on...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

a new start

the much awaited pictures of my new apartment are now up on the picture blog...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

a new beginning ..a little sapling of joy which will grow as days pass by....dreams relived memories revisited...and we move on...the battle was tough but has been fought..hope won..fear died its own death...thanks to the friends who stood by,thanks for being there..