Friday, December 31, 2004

just a little add on...

i added a thought for the day on my blog...

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I debated with myself for a long time to choose the topic of this post one half of me wanted to write about the museum of natural history the other wanted to share a story that has had a major impact in my life....
i chose the story...(selfish past is more significant than that that of the universe..)..

i am not one of the people who enjoy change, and every time i experience it i have a tough time...and this is what happened when u changed school in class 11...i was upset and ready to run back any moment and then i visited my old school to participate in the annual day celebration and receive my award for having topped the boards and was asked to come back...i went home that day certain that i was ready to move back...and i spoke to papa about it...
well papa didn't say yes or no he said it was my decision ...if i wanted to move back i could....but he told me that there was once a roman emperor who would sail to new lands and when he would get there he would burn his ships...why? well! because that meant that the only way he could go back was that he won these new locales and then used their ships to move ahead........

well! i did not go back, i stayed on and made it to medical school two years later...and that was just one of the many things that story helped me achieve...every time i want to give up i think about this story and i go on..

Monday, December 27, 2004

my experiments with FOOD

Over the last few months i have experimented with a number of different types of food...something i refused to do all my life and i hate to confess but the fact is i have enjoyed it..
i have had mexican food and thai food i had turkey and american chinese food which is pretty different from chinese food back home...and lots of things that i don't really remember...
but well! the moral of the story is mum was right actually they always are...and the funny thing is i have also started liking the concept of learning cooking...we do change with time..

Sunday, December 26, 2004

yet another untitled post

I have been in this phase of nothingness for so long that i just can't wait to start working...and then again if u look back u can say that it hasn't really been an uneventful year. Funny life is such a contradicition in itself....
There are so many decisions to take n so many results to wait for...its amazing but its beautiful and its true...and i have the faith that soon all will fall in place...
keep smiling
"God has a plan for my life and thats all i need to know"

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


As I walked out from the exam hall I took a deep breath –finally it was over…. After loads of effort and fear I finally faced it.but the very next moment I asked myself what next? I knew it was time to take a break but it wasn’t time to stop, the journey had to go on…just like life…
The very basis of our existence seems to lie in a struggle, we start by struggling for our first breath and there on continue to struggle for our dreams for our hopes for peace and for life itself…the battle goes on..
Like life itself this struggle is a shade of gray it gives us the energy to go on and achieve the impossible but it weakens us with the possibility of defeat .it takes us to unimagined peaks and dreadful falls but above all what matters is that it goes on….
The sky is the limit and the route your road maps and no sign boards…
What destiny has chosen for you lies untold.
The desire within wants to pause and stay there a little longer it wants the sweetness to linger on but the expedition must go on…..
The trick of fate is unbeatable and even the smartest of mankind can not overlay it.with a smile or a tear, with questions that will always remain unanswered, with a pinch of salt or
a spoon full of sugar we accept it and the journey this endless expedition goes on…..

An expedition called life was written in march after my step 1 exam...

Monday, December 20, 2004

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is." -albert einstein

Another random post

its the time of the year when we all look back and we also make new year resolutions...
last year on new year's eve a friend had kidnapped me from the hostel n taken me to her party and i had had a great time...not cos i enjoy parties cos that party had reminded me of the time when we lived in ludhiana ....of my childhood,of days of innocence and complete bliss...of days that i knew wud never return but those that i still hold on to so closely...
life changes that day i had finished my internship finally, i had become a doctor...
that day i was preparing once again to leave ludhiana...and to leave the was a blend of achievement and nostalgia...
but little did i know that one year later i wud be in another country another world...
so....its been an year of dreams come true...stayed at home...took my exams..luckily did well...and came here..and at this time i want to thank my family n friends who made it possible...
as for resolutions i still have to make a list of those ....a list that never turns into reality thanks to me the master procastinator..

Saturday, December 18, 2004


There is so much to write...Well now that I have started I guess I'll get somewhere..for as they say a work well begun is half done..
So on thursday the 16th of December I took a flight to Cleveland ...well! actually i took a flight to washington n another flgiht from there to cleveland,ohio. The flight was pretty much like every other flight but i learnt a lesson..we all work but the fact is we can choose how we treat it we can either enjoy what we do or fret and fume...
So from philosophy back to facts ...when i reached the hotel jasmine was waiting for me.......................................................can't really describe how i felt but meeting an old friend after such a long time was a moment too beautiful for words...and then we spent the next 2 days together there was so much to talk much to share...
i will finish writing this sometime.........till then..bye..take care

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Just a smile...

I Found this joke and could not resist the temptation of sharing it with all of u..!
Three men went fishing in a boat. One felt a tug and realised He had caught a beautiful mermaid. She squirmed and struggled and tried to break free but he wouldn't let her go.

Finally she said "I'll give you anything you can wish for if you'll let me go. "Okay," said the man, "I want my IQ doubled." So she did and he goes off on Shakespeare and all kinds of complicated things.
The mermaid goes to leave and the second man grabs her. "Hey, I'm not going to let you go until I get a wish too." "Fine," she said, "What do you want?" "I want my IQ tripled." So she triples his IQ and he goes off solving all these problems and mathmatical equations. "I suppose you want a wish too?
" the mermaid said to the last man. "You bet I do, I want my IQ timed by 10!""Ummm I don't think you do," said the mermaid."It'll change your whole aspect on life."And although she tried to talk him out of it, that's what he wanted.
So she gave him his wish and *POOF* He turned into a woman.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Looking back is a dulcet experience..days that go by leave us with one beautiful gift-memories,a gift that lasts forever well! untill u choose to get ur memory erased as Jim carrey and kate winslet did in the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind...
And isn't this the time of the year when we all look back one last time before we say goobye to the past...well! its also time to look ahead,to dream , to plan,to hope and to resolve(ya i agreee reolutions hardly ever turn into reality-but then...)..
well so take a few moments of ur busy schedules think of the past and dream of the year ahead set new goals and remeber the little achievements..and then move on...


Monday, December 13, 2004

beautiful tomorrow

As the sun sets over the horizon and its time to say good bye to this day..i think about the day ahead with faith,with hope..i know it will be a beautiful tomorrow...
For everyday brings with it innumerable little joys -reasons to smile,reasons to rejoice,reasons to thank the Creator who watches over us day after day...just like today...

Sunday, December 05, 2004

days never return

days never return was wirtten 8 years back and is still one of my favourite poems..
Days Never Return
Life is, but a book

As days pass, pages turn,
Leaving behind memories,
Of days that'll never return
Your heart cries,
Your soul yearns,
But Alas! Days never return.
Lost in those leavesAre roses preserved,
That drive you to the past,
Leave you more yearning, More pain
The sun still shines
Sweet winds do blow
But those days my friendAre no more.
You wish upon stars
And dream of fairies -That make dreams come true.
But destiny the writerIs stern
Those Days will never return
Divya Chhabra

Saturday, December 04, 2004

untitled(cos i can't think of one)

well! till this moment i wanted to write about a hundred different things but now that I am here I just can't think of any...thats life we plan more than we actually put into action...but well i saw veer zaara its a lovely movie...and it also took me home for a few moments... so life has been on weekend mode...after all its saturday.... :) (slow,relaxed and beautiful)
so since i have run out of ideas ... i better sign off for the day...

Lovely books

I love to read and so Its one of the things i enjoy talking about...but this is not going to be a book review...I am reading a book titled anne of avonlea i am sure most of u read it when u were kids...well i would recommend that u read it again its a pleasure to read these books now...its now that u realise the beautiful spirit,u not only rediscover a new world,u rediscover alot of joy...u begin to appreciate small things and ur outlook to life changes...
Go grab a book that is hidden somewhere in ur bookshelf dust the layers of years off it and revisit ur past with those books...

Friday, December 03, 2004

MY VIEWS(must read)

HI friends,
let me start by introduacing myself...I am a little scorpion, little ? yes cos i refuse to grow up and also cos like all good things i come in a small package...saying it simply i am short...I am a doctor by profession...and i am always upto what is this blog about well i don't really get set for a roller coster ride...
the one thing that amazes me is people...we the cosmopolitan animal...each one of us members of the same species and then at the same time so very different...i was on the subway this morning amidst a sea of people and each one of them was so different...some of them were rushing to work actually most of them were but each one of them had different thoughts...there were those who were looking forward to the day and those who were wondering what that day will bring for them..than there were those who said to themselves this is going to be a miserable day and tere were those super organisers who were using those few minutes to plan appointments...and then again those that said to themselves did i lock the door...or those who were far too lost in their novels to think.... and if u are wondering how do i know all i am not a mind reader...and i also don't see bubbles rising out of peoples heads..i know this because i was one of them n this is what i was thinking....confused?
forget it...lets come to the noral of the story:
moral no.1 u can always find something to read people's thoughts...
moral no.2 our life has two components one the reality the other our reactions we can not choose what happens but we can choose how we react...
so whatever may happen find urself a reason to smile...
and keep smiling...