Monday, July 27, 2009

its time to write another incomplete i return home..i want to write about a woman today! yes the same woman that men joke about and say they can never understand.. the same woman who has stood the test of time and through her weakness has built the strongest!
she has been a mother, a sister , a friend, a wife! she has forgiven but never forgotten! she has dared to step out to build her world and yet come home to cook and clean ! she has stayed awake at night looking after her sick child she has cried silently and never been heard! 
they call her the modern woman but she is still a mother, a sister, a friend, a wife! she has dreams she has aspirations and yet she is happy to just be there for someone..!
she has never been heard, never been understood! and yet she wants to care! 

Sunday, July 19, 2009

incomplete stories!

i don't know if it was the way i felt about my life today or if it just happened to be a random memory that knocked on my mind's window... i was 12 and writing had become my favorite passtime and my means of expression.. i can remember that little school notebook that had poems in the first half and my short stories in the second half.. and then one day i gave it to my english teacher.. i was proud of those poems they were mine.. my little accomplishment..she read through them and when we met to talk about it, she said-"why are the stories incomplete?" i had no idea i just could not think of a good ending and being the little kid i was that believed in happy endings i guess i had left them to be imagined....
today years later i wonder why ? why is the story incomplete? why don't we find a happy ending? and why does this hurt??

Saturday, July 11, 2009

old pictures

it appeared on my screen as the laptop went into screensaver mode..i stared at it for a long time..remembering the moment...what was being said? who was there? how special that moment had felt ...i know yearning for the past just leaves us helpless but some moments are worth treasuring over and over even if its just in your thoughts..
i miss home !! i miss the old days when my friends were around but i am happy that i have these memories to live with and am lucky that i was once a part of these moments...treasure the past smile because u had once owned it!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

quiet evening

nothing but the dib dab of tears shatters the silence, a sniffle that goes unheard the warm tender tear as it courses attempts are made to camouflage it for there is nothing to hide from..facts are i have lost it all...its the moment when the realization that joy will evade me forever has returned when the burden does seem unbearable and yet i know it needs to be carried on!! i think of that poem that we had read together as 2 little girls "help me share the load" and miss the friend who was always was harsh but a friend's doubt has killed the very meaning of existence... i search within i search aroud there must be a silver lining to this cloud ! if there isn't a friend there must be atleast a sidebar to hold on to while the storm passes!