Wednesday, April 19, 2006

miss u

all the colors all the sounds all that happens ;i protect these moments somewhere within..hoping they will last forvever ..hoping nobody will take them away and knowing that all i will own in a few more days is memories..
i shall move on but i shall take with me a treasure of memories to depend on from timeto time...
i shall take with me the joy that this has been a part of my life..i'll miss home..

Friday, April 14, 2006

beautiful words

"when you dream,all the scenery, characters, events, perils, and outcomes are built from your own consciousness, the darks and oppressions as well as the delights. same with the world awake, though it takes you longer to build it."-richard bach

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

landing home

euphoric thats the one word i can think of to describe my state of mind when i reached the airport after counting months weeks days and hours i had finally reached the airport and wud board the flight home soon..a few hours later wheeled my luggage out to meet my parents and my brother n to breathe the air of delhi...irrespective of how people might describe it me delhi was special because delhi is "home".............................."yes" the dust the heat the pollution i don't care room welcomed me n in just one moment the journey was forgotten ten mths evaporated in to nothingness as with open hands my home accepted me....
and today as i look back at the last few days..i wish this wud last forever.........