Thursday, November 26, 2009


didn't see the movie but i love the "make a wish" song. the thought on my mind right now is if the wish will come true. a little bit of faith, a little bit of fear, a dream and a belief that destiny will find the right answer. sometimes we dare to dream..i just did and now its time to wait for what life is going to send my way.Is the Genie ready to grant my wish? or will he just say - i know better!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


every word has a meaning, are you wondering why i am saying that - because i want to talk about another thought ! sometimes words get associated with random thoughts and like they say whats the first thought that comes to your mind ... so let me quiz you? how about "dream" or "coffee"..
or "geek" lets see you all answer the question.
memories that knock on your heart, dreams of a future hidden amidst the montony of schedules, something makes it all come to life. my thoughts are scattered , random and yet happy!! 
i think its time to stop trying to organize my thoughts and just smile for now!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

random post

it feels like a dream, its real its perfect and i do not want to wake up.. i am scared it may end! 
will it last? i do not know but even the fear does not manage to take my smile away... such is the beauty of this magical moment! 

an old memory, distant yet so real just brushed my thoughts when we were younger every year on Diwali my Dad would buy me a new piggy bank and we would break open the one from the year before.. he would count our coins and the joy was spell bounding. i think i was 10 when he bought a little money bank with a key and i did not realize what i was trading in ... but today as i look back in those little things papa taught me th biggest lessons of life and yet gave me a memory to cherish!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

a weekend at Mohonk Mountain

friday evening..laundry done, suitcase packed and we set off to our little adventure.. fall is indeed the best time of the year to drive and i happily drove, enjoying the colors and the hills in the distance. A great dinner a game of pool and a good night's sleep and we were ready for a a set of talks ..after lunch we tried our hands-oops feet..pretty much hands and feet at a trek up hill through the most rocky terrain...and only my friend could have done that in high heeled boots...
from the peak..the world was amazingly beautiful and serene..!! ...(to be continued)..

Saturday, November 07, 2009


just read this -
"If you don't share love, It's too soon gone"
      - keep smiling!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

back in NY

Leaving home is never an easy job..however hard you try and deal with the emotion it pulls you towards it and envelopes your world.. But what has to be done, has to be done even if its done a day later than planned ..! the mirage of emotions that surrounded me as i stepped into the cold crisp New York air are hard to put into was weird however that something within me said i had the courage to deal with it all..where did that voice come from? the last 3 weeks had given me the understanding that they may be far away but there were people who stood beside me.. that even though i may have felt so a million times ..i was never alone and my battles really were not just my own...

when i finally settled into my car, for a sec i felt strange -which side am i supposed to drive on..but then a weird Joy surrounded me as i felt the wheels under me...i drove back to my apartment and felt a strange warmth envelope me as i entered my apartment ..something in me said "welcome home" ..words I had never used before for this place.. i looked at the mess and ran around trying to settle a few things and that action came to me so effortlessly that i was amazed! it may be a big mess but this was the wrold i had created i called it mine with pride and got ready to go to work!

when you know that people looks so beautiful!