Sunday, March 29, 2009

the search

it doesn't matter what we accomplish it doesn't matter where we are in life, we all continue to search for we grow and accomplish we change our goals but we continue to yearn for that which we do not have....i realized today that however happy man maybe he is never ready to say that he has it all!!!
on another note i found out today that my dearest friend from school had a baby daughter and the news brought tears to my eyes i yearned to hold the liitle girl and wondered how my friend had transitioned from the little girl i knew to be the mother of a new ray of happiness!!

yearning to write

let me say it all over again..if you send out a random question to the universe what happens to it?
does some magical supernatural power grab it and shoot the answer back? or does it vanish into nothingness or does it loom over your rexistence as a dark cloud never giving up on you soul till its drained out every pleasant thought??
"friend" what a magical word it gives you the strength to dare because you know there is someone to fall back on.. it eases your pain in times of distress and shares your moments of accomplishment.. but when a friend hurts ..i wish somebody would give me a magic wand to fix her world.. a potion to heal her wounds and since i have neither all i can do is be there.. i don't know if you are reading this but i just want you to know i'll be there for you .....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

setting sun

as i walked out of the hospital and drove home i saw he setting sun spread its red magic over the horizon!! after a long time i had made it home early enough to meet the setting sun..i decided to drive to the river and walk along the shore as the sun was setting..the water was a little wild and the wind was full of energy..swans floating with the wind and of course the red flame over the mountains in the distance.. i was listening to peaks and valleys in the the words echoed as i walked ..yes it was true life was valleys and peaks..

Saturday, March 14, 2009

a long walk

the water calm -telling me it'll all be fine.. the hills high protecting my world... and a little wooden bench ... looking towards tomorrow... hope walks into our life in so many different forms.. and when everything is falling apart it looks in through a quiet corner and assures us...
the cold wind didn't seem threatening enough as the sun filled me warmth and every moment brought me a step closer to the green leaves return will my life smile back at me..i have stood strong through this snow storm...i have kept my faith...
as the white swan spread its wings i hoped it would touch my life with its magic and leave a glint of joy... surrender to the moment let the feeling of contentment sink in.. tomorrow will be a new challenge but for now accept the peace.. spread the love!!
a new friend brightened my day and brought joy-thanks my friend..!!