Sunday, January 18, 2009

What happened??

a group of friends..that met up every evening..over a cup of coffee or dinner..there was never a dull moment..never a quiet weekend..movies, long walks, sitting up late nights just complaining..
and then boom!! what happened?? where did it all vanish ?? remember when we walked brooklyn bridge after the graduation party ...or the times we went for coffee to times square after dinner...or walk to the village after a hindi movie....what happened?? where did it all vanish?? when people grow up, and mature why do relationships change? friends move on and though they promise to keep in touch why do we leave that spontaneity of youth? why does the weather affect our choices? why do we become rational beings?? what happened???

Monday, January 12, 2009

new year !!

can't believe its 12 days into the New Year!! its Lohri in india at this moment...i almost forgot and mummy wished me..i felt guilty...those small little festivals, customs that may sound so unbelievable but are fascinating..the stories behind them..those days when they mattered was a challenge to read the lohri poem word to word!! or hoi! when u got to eat halwa and matthi..or holi when u came back home in a state that ur parents wondered if you were really their kids?? the beat of the Dhol!! the joy of bhangra!! happiness in every moment!! its been a long time and the little girl in me sometimes yearns for those guava trees..the cycle ride..dairy milk chocolate...sand castles...roof top...the kites...popcorn and revadi...dreams turned into reality..but so much got left behind..nani's stories...nanaji's threats...driving to nainital..childhood treaures!! why does life give us only one chance??